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Representative Past Cases

Driving/ Traffic


Day single vehicle incident:

Young driver lost control of vehicle in a construction zone on curved rural highway.  I gave opinion regarding visibility of the road’s edge in the absence of a painted edge line.

Night tractor-trailer/car collision:

Truck struck a reportedly stationary car in an active highway lane. I provided an opinion regarding the conspicuity of the car.

Night car/pedestrian collision:

Road construction worker was struck while standing in an active lane in a construction zone by an intoxicated driver. I gave an opinion on the

visibility of the worker.


Maritime/ Boating


Night boat collision:

Two pleasure crafts collided. I gave an opinion regarding the detection and identification of an improperly used mast light.


Day boat/swimmer collision:

Pleasure-craft struck a swimmer traversing a lake.  I gave opinion about the visibility of the swimmer/swimming motion to the boat driver.




Day single bicycle incident:

Bicyclist crashed over imperfection in paved pathway.  I provided an opinion on conspicuity of the imperfection and the bicyclist’s perception-reaction time.


Trip and Fall


Day parking lot:

Pedestrian tripped on low contrast pothole irregularity in parking lot. I gave an opinion about the visibility of the pothole located between two parked cars.

Day single step:

Pedestrian tripped on single step from parking lot up to a shaded store-front sidewalk.  I provided an opinion on the conspicuity of step given the existing visual conditions.

Indoor catwalk incident:

Individual fell off an unprotected edge of catwalk.  I gave an opinion regarding the visibility of the edge near a ladder shaft.

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